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In January of 2o18 Clint and Ethan released the first volume of their Metallica covers EP. You can get it instantly by supporting MUYP on Patreon. Vol.2 is being recorded and expected to be released later this year.

Check out some samples below.



Clint Wells & Ethan Luck are two life-long Metallica fans and professional musicians based in Nashville, TN. A few years ago Ethan had the idea to create a weekly podcast dedicated to Metallica and asked Clint to join him as a co-host. They now average 30,000 downloads a month with a growing, robust community of Metallica die-hards.

Clint & Ethan are very active in music as writers, performers and studio musicians. Ethan has played in nationally acclaimed bands Relient K, Demon Hunter and The OC Supertones. Clint has toured internationally with rock and country artists for the last decade. He's also a songwriter with Rough Trade Publishing. You can check out Clint's music HERE and Ethan's HERE.


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Hear Clint and Ethan guest on ALPHABETALLICA with their friend and host, Tom Kwei. 


The Pirate Satellite

Check out Ethan's other podcast where he sits down with all sorts of musicians and artists to talk about their work, life and culture. 

You can hear his interview with Clint Wells that predates MUYP by clicking --> HERE

You can also hear his interview with our favorite guest co-host, Paul Moak (PAUL?!), by clicking --> HERE

In this interview with Birmingham radio program Local Mash, Clint talks about his journey from music lover to guitar player to professional touring musician and songwriter. Clint and Brad spotlight some of his original tunes and unpack their love for Randy Newman, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Michael Jackson and Prince. 

Hear Clint guest on his favorite KISS podcast, Podcast Rock City, talking about his career, the music of KISS, and his fantasy Unplugged setlist.


Urban Achiever

Bill Power is a long time friend of Ethan's and the reason Ethan got into Podcasting to begin with. Listen to Ethan discuss his long history in music on these two episodes:

Episode 1

Episode 40

Hear Clint talk with his friend Johnny Goudie about his career as a musician on How Did I Get Here?

Hear Clint talk about one of his other favorite bands, Pearl Jam on these two episodes of Single Podcast Theory.

Hear Clint discuss Metallica, horror movies and film culture on Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon.