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You can get our newly released Vol. II instantly by supporting MUYP on PATREON or purchase HERE at our MERCH STORE. Original artwork by Nick Mockoviak.

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Cover Our World Blackened, Vol. II

1. Motorbreath

2. The Memory Remains

3. Where The Wild Things Are

4. Die, Die My Darling

5. Whiskey In The Jar

6. No Leaf Clover

7. Mama Said

8. The Day That Never Comes

In January of 2o18 Clint and Ethan released the first volume of their Metallica covers EP. You can get it instantly by supporting MUYP on PATREON or purchase it for $5.98 at our MERCH STORE.

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Clint Wells & Ethan Luck are two life-long Metallica fans and professional musicians based in Nashville, TN. A few years ago Ethan had the idea to create a weekly podcast dedicated to Metallica and asked Clint to join him as a co-host. They now average over 35,000 downloads a month with a growing, robust community of Metallica die-hards.

Clint & Ethan are active in music as writers, performers and studio musicians. Ethan has played in nationally acclaimed bands Kings of Leon, Relient K, Demon Hunter and The OC Supertones. Clint has toured internationally with rock and country artists for the last decade. He's also a songwriter with Rough Trade Publishing. You can check out Clint's music HERE and Ethan's HERE.

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It's time to dive into 'Load' again! This time around, we simply listen to the entire record and add our commentary. Have our thoughts changed since we did our first 'Load episode? We also get into some news we're excited about, the 90's influence on Metallica, some gear talk, checking in with Akeem and Semmi and much, much more.
Happy New Year! To kick things off for 2019, we're taking a look back at the monstrous year Metallica had in 2018. In this episode we talk about the Worldwired Tour picking back up in Europe, Metallica Vans merch, the North America arena tour, Metallica Night with The Giants, Garage Days Remastered, Metallica's day of service, Nixon watches, Blackened Whiskey, the Justice Boxset, the AWMH Benefit Concert and so much more.
On this week's episode we revisit our top 10 deep cuts and all time Metallica favorites to see what's different from our lists on EP 6 ALL the way back in January of 2017. That was nearly two years ago! We talk through the changes in the list and explore how our fandom has evolved since starting this podcast.
This week we take another deep dive into the incredible ...And Justice For All boxset by burning down Justice On Wheels, a documentary included in the boxset from April of 1989. In this documentary we see interviews with the crew members and fascinating insight into all things Metallica from Kirk and Lars with all sorts of cool behind the scenes footage.
Part 2 of our 5 part series on the amazing And Justice For All Deluxe boxset! This week, we listen through the Justice Remaster and add our commentary. Also... 1. Introduce a new segment called "Metalliconspiracies" 2. Hit a few tangents and end up in 80's TV land 3.
We're beginning our series on the amazing *...And Justice For All* Deluxe boxset! This week we unpack the box and talk about: 1. The Jason Newsted SO WHAT interview 2. The interview disc from the boxset 3.
Metal Up Your Podcast is an all METALLICA podcast hosted by Clint Wells and Ethan Luck, two professional touring musicians based out of Nashville, TN. The show covers albums, band members, tours, gear and interviews with notable guests such as Ray Burton, Jay Weinberg (Slipknot), Michael Wagener, Jim Florentine (That Metal Show) and all things related to the greatest heavy metal band of all time.
We're closing in on 100 full episodes and what better way to creep to celebrate than with Slipknot drummer, Jay Weinberg! This is a long one! Jay was very gracious with his time and we covered so many topics.
On this special edition of Metal Tales, we chat with Chris Yerges, who attended the recent show in Charlotte, NC. Chris gives us a play by play of the Hardwired Experience, his generosity toward other Metallica fans and also let's us in on some info about Metallica's knowledge of MUYP.
We've talked about this series and it's finally here! We are exploring The Big 4 with a Megadeth classic, Countdown To Extinction! In this episode, we read through emails, burn down some facts about Countdown and listen through the entire record with added commentary. We hope you enjoy this new series as much as we do!
Welcome back! We continue our journey through the years of Metallica with 1992. While on tour all over the world the boys still found time to win a Grammy, play Wembley Stadium for the Freddie Mercury benefit, continue to release singles and put out A Year and a Half In the Life of Metallica!
Continuing on with our commentary series, we sit down at HQ1 and listen along to 'Ride The Lightning!' We break down the intricacies of the songwriting, Kirk's masterful leads, James' matured vocals and the memorable influence and parts of the great Cliff Burton. This is (easily) one of the best thrash and metal records of all time.



Bob Schneider and Clint have been having deep and not so deep conversations about music, god, relationships, movies, art, aliens and comedy for years and years. Now you can hear them too. You’re welcome?

Listen HERE.

Hear Clint and Ethan guest on ALPHABETALLICA with their friend and host, Tom Kwei. 


The Pirate Satellite

Check out Ethan's other podcast where he sits down with all sorts of musicians and artists to talk about their work, life and culture.

You can hear his interview with Clint Wells that predates MUYP by clicking --> HERE

You can also hear his interview with our favorite guest co-host, Paul Moak (PAUL?!), by clicking --> HERE

In this interview with Birmingham radio program Local Mash, Clint talks about his journey from music lover to guitar player to professional touring musician and songwriter. Clint and Brad spotlight some of his original tunes and unpack their love for Randy Newman, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Michael Jackson and Prince. 

Hear Clint guest on his favorite KISS podcast, Podcast Rock City, talking about his career, the music of KISS, and his fantasy Unplugged setlist.


Urban Achiever

Bill Power is a long time friend of Ethan's and the reason Ethan got into Podcasting to begin with. Listen to Ethan discuss his long history in music on these two episodes:

Episode 1

Episode 40

Hear Clint talk with his friend Johnny Goudie about his career as a musician on How Did I Get Here?


Listen to Clint talk about his career as a songwriter, Metallica and the formation of Metal Up Your Podcast —> HERE.

Hear Clint talk about one of his other favorite bands, Pearl Jam on these two episodes of Single Podcast Theory.

Hear Clint discuss Metallica, horror movies and film culture on Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon.

Clint guested on PODCAST EMERITUS talking about his favorite Ghost record, Meliora.